About us

It all started in 2007 when Matthew Fischer “heard” the words “Live Right Now” in his mind while fly-fishing on the Smith River in remote Montana.


The amazing story of what happened since 2007 will be detailed in an upcoming book of the same title.  The book will explain the depth and simplicity of the Live Right Now message, making the argument that it is the most positive and powerful message of our time.


It wasn’t until mid 2016 that Matthew realized how he would develop the Live Right Now brand.  While meditating one day, the concept of using parenthesis to describe what “Live” means flashed into his mind.   He then grabbed a pen and with passion began to write.   The phrases you see in this first design flowed out in under 20 minutes. 


Matthew is husband to Kelly and father of 5 amazing children.  They live on 10 acres just outside of Helena Montana.   Matthew and Kelly own Fischer Physical Therapy and One Wellness.   Matthew has a passion for healing and brings that to his physical therapy profession with many innovative approaches. 


Live Right Now is the opposite of the victim mentality which says our lives are the result of what happens.   Have you heard it said that “life is 10% what happens and 90% how your respond?”   Even when faced with hardship we have the capacity, the choice, to respond in a positive way!  Every moment, through our response, becomes an opportunity to grow and be truly free!  We are not victims of what happens, we are called to live the victory with passion and purpose!


Once you truly and deeply “get” the message of Live Right Now, you will see that the blueprint of life is so simple, yet powerful.   You will awaken more to the amazing life you are called to.   YOU hold the keys to your destiny as you choose to receive and respond!   So be who you are and become who you are called to be!   Then your greatest joy will become the gift of yourself to a world that desperately needs the true and best YOU.   Lets do this!   Thank you for joining the movement!